Control Configuration

The Control Configuration settings section defines how the system manages itself and users, to access, point your web browser to where is your actual domain name.

Available settings include:

  • Daily Login Percentage (%) If the system pays monthly, sets daily percentage incremented daily
  • Pre Withdraw After (Days) Allows users to withdraw their available ROI N days before full maturity
  • Activation Fee
  • Pay activation fee to
  • Reactivation Fee (Fines)
  • Monthly Reactivation Fee
  • Exclusive Amounts
  • Default Guider The username for the default guider and system user
  • Min. Ref. Bonus Withdrawal
  • Last Pledge = Withdrawable Bonus
  • Enforce Tax
  • Tax Force Cap
  • Auto Pair Cashouts
  • Auto Pair Pledges
  • Cron Jobs
  • Force Testimonies
  • Enforce Recommitments
  • Guider Which of the levels should be recognized as guiders
  • Bonus Qualifies as Guider Make user a with this amount of available bonus guiders to new users
  • Show Leader Board Enable showing users with the highest number of referrals on users dashboards