Temporary Configuration

Temporary configuration were added in v1.1.5 to allow logged in admin users to quickly make changes to the site that will only have effects on the current session, this is especially useful if you have to test out a feature before making it publicly available.

To use this feature add the following string to the end of the current url on the address bar and load the page: ?config=true&config_setting=confg_value Where config_setting is the setting you want to change and config_value is the new value for the setting.

To clear a setting, simply set an empty value

Eg. http://yourdomain.com/admin/?config=true&site_theme=lite

Available settings include:

Configuration config_setting Possible Values
Activation Email send_activation [0],[1]
Admin Theme admin_theme [default]
Allow Crypto Currencies allow_crypto [0],[1]
Allowed Crypto Wallets allowed_wallets [bitcoin,litcoin]
Auto Pair Cashouts auto_m_cashout [0],[1]
Auto Pair Pledges auto_m_pledge [0],[1]
Block after timeout block_timeout [0],[1]
Block Fraud Attempts block_fraud [0],[1]
Comments per post perppost [10] Any Nuumber
Countdown Time countdown_time [06:00:00]
Enforce Upgrade after enforce_upgrade [0],[1]
Enforce Recommitments recommitment [0],[1]
Force Testimonies force_testimony [0],[1]
Frontend Theme frontend_theme [default]
Google Analytics Key google_analytics_key []
Inline Comments inline_comments [10] Any Nuumber or [0] to turn off
Min. Ref. Bonus Withdrawal min_ref_withdraw [100]
Pagination Method pagination [scroll],[click]
Paystack Public Key paystack_public []
Paystack Secret Key paystack_secret []
Posts per page perpage [10] Any Nuumber or [0] to turn off
Preferred Method to Fetch Banks pref_fetch_bank_mode [api],[db]
Registration Mode reg_mode [0],[1],[2]
Restrictions restrictions [0],[1],[2],[3]
Show Countdown show_countdown [0],[1]
Show Page Loader show_loader [0],[1]
Site Mode site_mode [0],[1],[2],[3]
Tawk.to Property ID tawk_id []
Theme Mode theme_mode [dark],[light]
Timeout Action timeout_action [0],[1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7]
Token Lifespan token_lifespan [10] Any Nuumber
Welcome Email send_welcome [0],[1]

Caution should be exercised when using this feature, even though setting configuration this way will only affect the current session, you risk breaking your experience or in extreme rare but not impossible cases, could grant you access to break the site.